Accolade Freedom™ Lenses with FrameOptimization™ Technology

Turning ordinary measurements into extraordinary visual performance

Accolade Freedom™ lenses offers all of the visual and adaptation benefits of Accolade™ lenses with Harmonix Technology plus the added feature of FrameOptimization™ Technology.

Accolade Freedom Lenses Features

Through patented FrameOptimization™ Technology, Accolade Freedom customizes lens design for perfect harmony

Accolade Freedom™ lenses with FrameOptimization™ Technology

  • Lens design is based on:
    • Patient Rx
    • Frame dimensions
    • Fitting measurements (A, B, PD, Seg heights)
  • Results in faster patient adaptation – 9 out of 10 adapt immediately
  • Provides better visual performance
  • Permits greater design customization without the need for additional measurements
  • Preferred over Ovation® lenses 3 to 1 for overall peripheral and dynamic vision by progressive lens wearers