Accolade™ Lens Features

Progressive lens design customized to the eye shape – for faster adaptation and better acuity

  • This is the first progressive lens design to take the shape of the patient’s eye into account
  • Patented technology brings harmony to all components (eye shape and Rx)

Accolade lenses with the benefits of Harmonix™ Technology offer your patients perfect visual harmony

New Harmonix Technology – the latest patented technology from Essilor improves individual visual performance

  • Faster adaptation
    • 9 out of 10 patients adapt immediately
  • Better visual performance
    • In a study of over 100 wearers, Accolade lenses outperformed Ovation® lenses in all vision parameters
  • Even greater patient satisfaction than with Ovation lenses
    • 3 to 1 preference in overall peripheral and dynamic vision