Frequently Asked Questions
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What are Accolade™ lenses with Harmonix™ Technology?
Accolade with Harmonix Technology is the newest progressive lens technology from Essilor, which integrates eye shape into individual progressive lens design to help patients see better, faster.

Accolade lenses are available in 2 versions:

Accolade Lenses (semi-finished):

  • Accolade with Harmonix Technology optimizes lens design based on eye shape to provide greater acuity through customized fields of vision, resulting in faster adaptation and better visual performance
Accolade Freedom Lenses (digitally surfaced):
  • In addition to Harmonix Technology, Accolade Freedom utilizes FrameOptimization™ Technology, a new patented technology, to deliver more freedom in frame choice:
    -Superior optics without the need for additional measurements-digital surfacing optimizes the fields of vision for any Rx by modifying the backside design
    -Modifies lens design to specific frame dimensions, resulting in optimized visual zones
    -Takes into account the position of the pupil to maximize corridor length
Accolade Freedom with FrameOptimization Technology maximizes all vision parameters, whatever the prescription and choice of frame!


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