Essilor welcomes Eye Care Professionals who wish to learn more about our new progressive lenses: Accolade™ and Accolade Freedom™ -  the new duo that is fine-tuned for perfect visual harmony. Because these new progressive lenses will help your patients see better faster, you’re sure to give them a big round of applause!

New Accolade lenses with Harmonix™ Technology is the first progressive lens design that takes individual eye shape into account.

And new Accolade Freedom™ lenses with the added dimension of FrameOptimization™ Technology that customizes the lens design based on prescription, frame dimension and fitting measurements will enable your patients to choose from a greater selection of frames.

In a recent clinical survey with over 100 progressive lens wearers, 9 out of 10 patients adapted immediately, seeing better right from the start. And these lenses were preferred 3 to 1 for overall peripheral and dynamic vision.

You may access all of the technical information you need on this site, and we will be pleased to assist you personally. (Just click on Resources to contact us.) Once you and your patients experience the Accolade line of progressive lenses, you will understand why they are known for Fast Adaptation – so you will “See Better Faster“.